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Clint’s loft, sketches by Hawkeye artist David Aja

Aja you are an amazing person thank you for sharing this with the world because trust me, I needed this.

This is like the perfect circle Venn diagram of my favorite things. Hawkguy and a building. All my favorites should come with blueprints.

For those of you who want to know where this is from, it’s in the special features section at the back of the Hawkeye #1-11 hardback. It is well worth the money. I reviewed it HERE.

Clint’s loft is basically my new apartment with the bed above the living room instead of next to it. Like, I looked at that sketch and went “Why is the plan of my new apartment being posted on tumblr.” 

Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, thank you yes, it is an awesome apartment. On the other hand, is the rent so low because I’m expected to do battle with the sketchy local criminal enterprise? 

(Pretty sure in Printer’s Row the sketchy local criminal enterprise is hipsters chalking ironic graffiti on the buildings bordering the Trader Joe’s parking lot.) 

(Source: wntersoldier)

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